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Retail cooling

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We offer the highest-performance solutions for cooled or frozen products in your store space. No challenge is too big for us! For 50 years now we have been the exclusive distributor of Epta refrigeration cabinets in Belgium, including the Costan and Eurocryor brands. These are the leading refrigerated cabinets throughout the world.

Industrial cooling

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Sabcobel understands the complexity of industrial cooling better than anyone. We always come up with a solution that is custom-tailored to your business.

Our commitment



For us, “service” isn´t an empty concept. Instead, at Sabcobel, service is like the air we breathe. Whether it concerns retail cooling or industrial cooling, Sabcobel always offers a service that is tailored to your professional needs and your installation, regardless of the capacity or complexity.

happy clients

“The choice for Sabcobel was pretty self-evident. There's a long-term relationship here.”
Renaud Caeymaex AD Delhaize Merbraine Check out the project
“Sabcobel is a dream supplier.
Highly recommended to continue working with such a company.”
Nicholas Lemaire Carrefour Market Pittem Check out the project
“At the end of 2021 we renovated our entire store, the short planning was a challenge but Sabcobel followed up all the agreements correctly. After one month we already notice a huge reduction in our energy consumption, both the cooling and heating are running perfectly.”
Philippe Geerts AD Delhaize Kortenberg Projects
“Sabcobel has been our partner in refrigeration for more than 20 years, and as customers, we know why: once Sabcobel, always Sabcobel.”
Steven Stouten Owner Spar Schriek & Spar Kessel Projects
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