Retail cooling

We always offer the highest-performance solutions for cooled and/or frozen products in your store space. No challenge is too big for us. Regardless of the space, size, capacity, type of store or product, we look for and find a solution that fits all your dimensions. Discover what we can do for you.



Wall coolers

Design and energy savings go hand in hand in our Costan line. Our refrigerated cabinets come in different heights and depths; for the length we always work with 1m25, 1m88, 2m50 and 3m75.
Chilled vertical cabinets

Refrigerated counters

A wide range of service and self-service counters and both standard solutions and customised work.
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Plug-in cooler and freezer cabinets

Our plug-in cooler and freezer cabinets offer you the necessary flexibility when you are designing the layout of your store
Plug-in cabinets


Each store has its own layout and thus its own needs when it comes to setting up the frozen food section. We therefore offer several types of freezer cabinets, and our engineers can create the perfect composition for you.

Freezer islands

Free-standing freezer islands create a more “open” feeling inside a store. The different formats guarantee that we have the right model for everyone. 1 to 2 metres wide and 1.88 to 3.75 metres long. Optional: head cabinet.

Vertical freezer cabinets

The vertical freezer cabinets come in several formats, ideal for the available surface area of your store. 2 to 5 doors, 2 to 2.2 metres high and 1.88 to 3.75 metres long.
Vertical and horizontal freezers


With our own carpentry shop we can do fully customised work, so it is possible to give a standard cabinet a unique touch or do fully customised work.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited

Stainless steel bending, aluminium bending, wooden walls as finishing for your refrigerated cabinet, etc.

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Make an appointment with one of our experts and let’s discuss the possibilities face-to-face.
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Our engineers always ensure an optimal functioning of all your cooling systems.

Cooling and freezing systems

Together with you we select - on the basis of your store´s capacity - the ideal cooling or freezing system. Our calculations enable us to achieve minimum consumption and maximum performance. An absolute win-win for you. Here, too, there are several possibilities. Both indoor and outdoor setups are possible.
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Heat recovery

We strive for zero waste, and heat recovery is one of the ways to achieve this. The cooling process generates heat that we can use via a heat exchanger to warm up water, the store or social rooms. Various applications are possible via air cassettes or underfloor heating.
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Service: maintenance
and optimisation


Comprehensive service is a great advantage for you. We will proactively resolve all your concerns. You can rely on it: your installation will receive the best care thanks to our proactive approach, quick interventions and smooth communication.

For an even better collaboration, we offer a range of maintenance contracts that are custom-tailored to your company. Together we look at which formula best matches the needs of your installation. We guarantee the best advice and the most efficient interventions. You always receive the most cost-effective follow-up.

For retail cooling we work with 2 formulas that in each case provide for the maintenance and the legal leak tests. Ask for more information about the advanced and advanced plus formulas.

Why do maintenance?

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance is crucial for the proper functioning of your installation in order to e.g. minimise your energy consumption or avoid breakdowns during the warmer summer months.
  • Prevent major costs over the long term.
  • We handle all of your administrative duties relating to your installation in accordance with the most recent standards, including leak certificates and possible calibration certificates.
  • Enjoy a discount on your spare parts and refrigerant in service interventions.

Our formulas

  • Advanced: Annual maintenance for a fixed price on an agreed date. Service interventions are not included.
  • Advanced Plus: a single fixed charge per month for both maintenance and interventions on your installation (only possible for new Sabcobel installations).


We monitor all your installations 24/7. This gives us an all-round picture of your installations and enables us to respond proactively.

Geographical distribution

Sabcobel is one of the few companies to have 3 sites in Belgium, so we are always close by. This makes our service even more optimal.

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