Industrial cooling

Sabcobel understands the complexity of industrial cooling better than anyone. We therefore create conceptual solutions that are custom-tailored to your company. Whether it involves cooling systems for the food processing industry, process cooling for the non-food sector or deep-freeze storage, our experts know exactly what to do.


Food & storage

For both fruit and vegetables as well as for meat, fish and bakery goods in an industrial framework, our many years of experience enable us to develop adapted installations that can guarantee an optimal (and long-term) storage.

Small and medium-sized installations

Transcritical CO2 installations or Propane chillers with an industrial character, always with an eye on potential heat recovery.

Large-scale installations

NH3 installations or cascade CO2/NH3 installations for both cooling and freezing with PLC control.
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The production process is generally running at full speed and therefore in many cases requires the proper cooling.

Customised solution

Our engineers are specialised in designing your industrial processes and gathering insight into your specific needs. In each case they come up with a customised solution so that your process receives cooling in just the right places and at just the right time. Food, plastic or a printing company? Our Sabcobel engineers embrace every challenge.
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Fun & ice

Over the years, our team has on multiple occasions created the basis for enjoyable sporting activities. For example, we collaborated on several skating rinks for both recreational and professional use. We designed and installed the first full CO2 skating rink in Belgium ,as well as a curling sheet. In addition, we still maintain several skating rinks. So we have all of the necessary knowledge in house.

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We don't shy away from any challenge, on the contrary! As a team we like to create solutions.
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Service: maintenance
and optimisation

Comprehensive service is a great advantage for you. We will proactively resolve all your concerns. Your installation will receive the best care thanks to our thorough approach, quick interventions and smooth communication.

We harmonise every maintenance contract to the technical character of your cooling installations. We map out all your cooling components down to the finest details and set the time intervals for the proactive check-ups. In this way we can offer the most guarantees and make quick diagnoses and interventions possible. In many cases we can already correct irregularities via remote monitoring. A guarantee on performance – who doesn’t want that?

For industry cooling we work with customised service contracts, given that every industrial installation is different. Overhauls of compressors are included here as well. Contact us for more info.

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