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For us, customer service is a concept that encompasses many aspects.
It starts, of course, with a customized installation, in cooperation with the customer.
But even after the installation has been commissioned, we provide close follow-up.
To ensure optimal performance, we intervene when necessary. If
you or your installation have specific needs, our enthusiastic SAM team is at your service
has been there for you since October 2021.

Better prevention than cure
Thanks to a maintenance contract with Sabcobel, we proactively examine your installations. If parts are in need of maintenance or replacement, we will soon notice. In this way we offer the greatest guarantee of optimal efficiency.

Your products are our concern
Despite proactive maintenance, occasional problems can occur. In such cases, a quick and accurate diagnosis is crucial. And Sabcobel realizes this all too well. A high-performance refrigeration system is indispensable for your products, your company and its customers. With Farah, Thomas, Jo and Yves, we have four dedicated Service Account Managers (SAM), who do everything in their power to make our service run as smoothly as possible and listen to you, the customer, when you have questions or concerns. We do this remotely when possible, on-site when necessary. Within Sabcobel we are the sounding board to defend your interests.

Your questions, our expertise
Our SAMs offer support with your daily challenges. This can range from questions about billing to optimizations. Are you worried about an upcoming audit or inspection? Then we are happy to provide relevant reports, documents or advice to guide you through this process.

Every day at Sabcobel we strive for a positive customer relationship. We do this by always being available and involved.

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