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Marmo nv


With Marmo NV, we are putting forward a global project of which we, the Sabcobel family, are particularly proud. As food producers, they are responsible for maintaining their products in a constant cold chain, from harvest to consumption. This requires not only great precision and respect for the product, but also a great deal of energy. We had the opportunity to replace Marmo’s old refrigeration plant, comprising 42 cold rooms

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Technological masterpiece

From design to delivery, we took charge of the entire process. And the result is impressive. By using a pump system based on ammonia/NH₃ (primary) and CO₂ (secondary), we were able to achieve energy savings of 30%. The system comprises two pressure circuits. On the one hand, we use a high-pressure circuit. This involves interaction between NH₃ (ammonia) and CO₂, with the application of a NH₃/ CO₂ cascade system. The choice is motivated by the system’s energy efficiency. In gasoline, ammonia cools the underlying CO₂ separator. The cooled CO₂ is then pumped through the production spaces at a temperature of around -4°C. The “reheated” CO₂, which extracts heat from the spaces to be cooled, returns to the separator. On the other hand, we have designed a tailor-made CO₂-DX (direct expansion) system for the low-pressure circuit. This is required for many rapid or surface freezing applications. In this system, CO₂ is used as a vaporizing agent in the evaporator, where it extracts heat from the space to be cooled. This heat absorption causes CO₂ to transition from the liquid to the gaseous state. We then let the gaseous CO₂ condense at -4°C in the high-pressure circuit.

Ready for the future

No standard configurations for our customers. Plant parameters are set via a tailor-made PLC program. What’s more, these same parameters are closely monitored on a clear visualization system. Sabcobel makes regular remote adjustments to ensure that plant efficiency is always close to perfection. Incorrect settings can have a significant impact on return on investment.

Key figures for the Marmo project:

  • 1000 kW cooling capacity
  • 60 defrosting evaporators
  • An adiabatic gas cooler
  • Pump system
  • 300 kg ammonia
  • 5000 kg CO2
  • 3 ammonia compressors
  • An adiabatic gas cooler
  • 20,000 liters
  • Customized control program
  • Energy savings of 30%.

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